One-on-One Writing Workshops.

I am passionate about inspiring children to write and helping them develop their own writing voice. Too often kids are taught to follow a writing formula filled with transition words and phrases instead learning how to trust their creative minds. The result? Writing becomes boring, mundane, a “thing” they are not good at “doing.”

Kids build high hurdles when they are trying to put their thoughts into words. My one-on-one writing sessions are customized to help your child learn to clear those hurdles with small, successful jumps.

Through weekly “workshops,” I try to make writing fun again. Programs are developed based on the needs of your child . When appropriate (and often at the parents’ request), I work directly with a child’s teacher to better understand the his or her reading and writing skills so I can best create a workshop plan to support the young writer. All workshops pair writing with reading activity, as strong writing always comes from strong reading.

Writing workshops can range from working on reading comprehension to creative writing projects, academic writing help, or mixed media projects. 

For middle schoolers, academic writing workshops focus on teaching young writers how to develop their thoughts into well-constructed sentences that lead to full essays.

Students looking for a creative writing outlet can participate in group writing workshops, which foster a safe environment to brainstorm and share their work.

High school students can also benefit from one-on-one writing sessions, whether it’s working with me to brainstorm research plans, fine-tune essays, or to create a full-blown outline of their essay and I help them along the way. These can be done in person or via Skype.

Please contact me if you’re interested in providing your child with a writing mentor to help nurture his or her skills.

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