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Home is where the history is.



We’re at the tail-end of a home renovation project but at the start, I began to research the history of our home. It all led to a few other stories, including a nice spread in the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday magazine. My story focuses on a few self-made home historians in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood.

For me, opening the newspaper and seeing my byline and story still gives me the same glee as it did the very first time I was published. Hope that never goes away.

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When life gives you lemons.


It’s an unsettled feeling, cleaning out your home so it can receive the tender, loving care it deserves because of all the tender, loving care it provides to you. The nervous excitement mixed with pure anxiety over unanswered questions can overwhelm.

And then one afternoon as you pack up more boxes, you find a bounty of lemons in your front console, hand-picked by your young son who tells you: it is time to make lemonade.