I love cooking, coffee, and baseball (my next dog will be called Posey).

I’m a Bay Area native and I graduated from UC Berkeley.

I live in Silicon Valley with my husband, two sons, and our black Lab named Luna (aka Luna Lovegood, Lunabell, Luna Negra, Looney LunaLove, Lunalicious, Moon Doggie and Damn Dog).

I adore the sun and being outdoors.

It is my desire to live with my handsome husband, my two adorable sons and our crazy dog in a beach house on a Hawaiian island. Or in a perfect apartment just a few steps away from Ponte Vecchio and Santo Spirito in Florence, Italy. I’d take either, really.

Under my son’s tutelage, I can throw a  2-seam fastball for a “Little League strike.” I’m working on the change up.

I used to publish little blog called crazedparent, which I started back in 2004. I pulled it down because I just didn’t feeling like sharing so much anymore.

I like to think I’m crafty, but really, I’m wannabe crafty. I can hold my own with cooking, baking, gardening, and basic sewing, but let’s not discuss painting or anything that involves the need for exact measurements. But I have a good eye. I love home and garden design.

I adore reading children’s literature. My nephew once asked if I was a librarian because I always recommend great reads. It’s one of the best compliments I’ve received.

And now I think you know enough about me.

Okay fine. One more thing: I’m sort of addicted to Pinterest.

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