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Clean your silver jewels.

DIY silver cleanerPacking up and moving into new digs is a drag. Unpacking your jewelry … not so bad. Except when said jewels are silver and all dirtied up. I used to polish them with some chemical-laden liquid that sat under the kitchen sink. It got tossed as part of our cleanup for the remodel. So when these lovely baubles needed some shining, I wanted to go natural: baking soda and water paste can clean almost anything. Mix two parts baking soda to one part water. You’ll get a thick paste in seconds. If not, add baking soda until you do! Take an old toothbrush and scrub, scrub, scrub your silver, staying away from any precious stones. Make sure you do this over a sink because the dank, dirty goop that falls from your jewels will amaze. When your baubles are clean, just rinse them with warm water and set them on a paper or soft towel to dry. Ahhh, pretty, shiny silver.


Wishing it were…Rome.

Rome 2014.

What is it they say about re-entry to routine after the holidays? Oh yes, something about it being difficult.

I’m still stuck on one year ago, when we returned from Rome after a long, leisure-filled winter vacation. Walking around our own neighborhood isn’t as exciting as the luminous, festive streets of Italy during the holidays. I’ve been flipping through these photos often, ready to cement a date for a return trip.


When life gives you lemons.


It’s an unsettled feeling, cleaning out your home so it can receive the tender, loving care it deserves because of all the tender, loving care it provides to you. The nervous excitement mixed with pure anxiety over unanswered questions can overwhelm.

And then one afternoon as you pack up more boxes, you find a bounty of lemons in your front console, hand-picked by your young son who tells you: it is time to make lemonade.

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Clean makeup brushes.

Clean those make-up brushes!

Bienvenido 2015!

And hello to clean makeup brushes!

The first day of the new year (and a fresh month) seemed a sensical day to give my makeup brushes a little scrub scrub. With the holidays, our move and serious prep for our remodel, their neglect was easy.

I sourced this tip from Pinterest a few years ago but the original post where I got the tip is no longer. It’s simple enough to recap:

Grab a widemouth glass jar and fill it with a tablespoon or two of white vinegar and a cup of hot water. If you don’t have white vinegar, you can use a gentle cleanser and jet make is sudsy. Place the brushes into the solution and let them sit for a good hour. Take the brushes out, rough up the bristles to get the gunky makeup out while rinsing them under hot water. Then rinse the brushes under cold water. Blot the brushes on paper towels to remove the excess water and then leave them out to dry.

Wash the brushes in the early evening and they’ll be ready for you the next morning.

Go on now.