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Get crafty: Felt art (and oh! Love Thursday!)

365 Day 52: 12th anniversary (and felt art)

I've been participating in an online craft workshop hosted by the ladies of Red Velvet Art. We're supposed to make 30 projects over eight weeks (heh). I signed up looking two reasons: one, for inspiration to create art for our home and two, to find ideas for gifts.

So far, I've only completed one project. The above photo is something I made for the hubs to celebrate our wedding anniversary. As part of the project, you are supposed to design felt art that symbolizes someone or something in your life. I chose an aspect of our relationshop; we are always on a quest for really smooth, really rich coffee. And my favorite moments are when, after the kids are dropped off at school, we meet at a coffee shop for a quiet moment to enjoy each other's company before we rush off to our respective jobs.

I loved this project because it forced me to sketch my design. I have never shown a strength in drawing. But this time, I forced myself to put the mental image to paper and then make it real with felt.

It is hand stitched with embroidery thread and certain pieces are also attached with super strong craft glue. The next step is finding a nice vintage red frame to hold it on a wall in the kitchen.

Next on my list is a cute small picnic quilt. I'm not quite sure when I'll get to it, but I like that I'm thinking about it.

You can see what other members of this workshop are crafting up over at the Red Velvet Art Flickr photo pool. Also? Check out this adorable DIY buttercup bag.

2 thoughts on “Get crafty: Felt art (and oh! Love Thursday!)

  1. Amy says:

    that’s so sweet that you guys have coffee together before heading to work. Dan and I stand in the kitchen and fight for work space to pour our coffee and doctor it up before we both run out the door. Good job getting crafty. I want to make quilts for the girls. Some day.

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