365 Day 40: Coffee and journal addiction in one…

365 Day 40: New coffee journal (because you can never have too many)

During a recent gathering with some old friends (and often cohorts in road-trip crime), an lovely journal was peeking out from underneath a bag on a chair. I saw the many photos of coffee and the word "Wanderlust" printed on its spine. I couldn't resist being so bold  as to pick it up for a closer look.

This beautiful, inspiring coffee-art journal is part of the Wanderlust journal, postcard and stationery series, printed by Chronicle Books. I use the coffee journal as my "idea book," where I jot down any and all thoughts, sentences and words that could become short stories, poems or blog posts, mostly because these ideas come to me whilst a warm latte is in hand. (Also, the word "wanderlust" is top of mind.")

Do you have an idea book?


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