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Valentine’s Day prep work…

Seven has the day off school tomorrow; one of the many "teacher in-service" days (or half days) of the month. Out of 20 possible school days in the month of February, he will only be in a full day of class for 12 days. This is a topic I may revisit.

Tomorrow, however, I will focus on the goodness of my kid being home. It's a rare that we are able to share some time alone without little Q. around. 

Seven is into a very deep cooking stage, so we have a test-kitchen challenge prepared for Friday morning. Should everything go well, he will have a very fun Valentine's day treat for his classmates

Someday he won't want to make Valentine's Day cards or cookies or whirly helicopters for school. Someday, giving out Valentine's Day trinkets to his friends will be uncool. 

I'm trying to maintain some sense of mellowness when it comes to making these treats for his classmates. It is, after all, a fabricated "holiday" where stores ooze with attempts to compel us to say "you're loved" in contrived, silly, and sometimes expensive, ways. Kind of like making shortbread cookies with spray-painted messages.

But this Friday cooking project, it reminds me that my kid's seven-year-old heart is deep and rich and full of thoughtfulness. And it's not even February 14th.

A full dispatch tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day prep work…

  1. Oh don’t get me started on the “early release” — We just had a whole week of the early release and then had another one yesterday. I’d rather they canceled school for those days….
    And those treats are just too cute! Have fun making them!

  2. Amy says:

    At least you can make fun stuff to take to school. And they still celebrate. At my kids’ school all treats must be store bought and they have started phasing out the holiday parties. Sign of the times I guess.

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