Keep out, but not really (Day 2 in Kauai)…

Shark sightings don’t freak people out on Poipu Beach as they would in the Bay Area. “Keep Out” really means “We had to say that, but you can go in the water.” I had a conversation with the gal that runs the beach hut and it went like this:

“What’s the deal with the shark?”

“A couple saw it swimming up towards the Sheraton [the hotel next to us up the road] this morning on their walk. But it’s probably gone by now, so it’s okay.”

“It’s okay?”

“Yes, it’s probably gone.”

Surfers, beginners and advanced, were long in the water. We walked down to a little cove, safe for tiny boogie boarders and freaked out parents. The water was a little rough, mostly because of the previous night’s storm. While we were in the water, we were hit with a hard downpour that lasted a good five minutes. People on the shore started running back to the lanai. But the parents? We stuck around. It’s not easy to haul all your kid gear to the beach, and once you’re wet, you’re wet. It’s warmer in the ocean than on sand.

Also? I forgot to buy a camera bag before we left for our trip and had to pick up an unexciting, uninspired bag at the K-Mart in Lihue. The whole time, I was kicking myself for not ordering this. I guess there’s always my birthday.


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