Traveling crazed...


IMG_0197 View of the sunset from our room on Poipu Beach in Kauai.

We're starting day three of our holiday vacation, and our first real vacation in two years.

The days as lazy, as they should be. The sunsets, amazing. The skies have been a mix of partly cloudy and perfect blue skies, only to be blurred by rain clouds that drop a two minute downpour every few hours.

Today, the forecast calls for showers. In the Bay Area, we'd be far away from the beach if it were raining. Here? We just let the drops hit us as we go about our business on the beach or at the pool. Loving it and so grateful we are here. (Is it just me or is anyone else relieved that we're through Christmas?)

We have our list of eats and sites to see with the boys, but if you have recommendations, drop a comment.


One thought on “Aloha…

  1. I’m enjoying your perspectives from your time away – both the words as well as the images. Reminds me very much of my family’s journey on our recent vacation to a place far away from Hawaii: Florida. What a blessing that you were able to find the key to a successful vacation. I wish everyone would be able to tap into a similar place.

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