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Things I Iove, baseball edition: Snapping photos at Spring Training (and hello, Hector Sanchez…)

Hector Sanchez, SF Giants
 Spring Training is a big slice of photo heaven pie. You're able to catch players in random moments. Like the newest San Francisco Giant, Hector Sanchez. He's a catcher, just called up late last week from the Fresno Grizzlies. 

We saw him catching in the bullpen for Jeremy Affeldt during Spring Training. It was a typical scorching hot afternoon in Arizona, so when he was done working with Affeldt he took a break in what little shade he could fine in the pen.

Checking out the walls. Picking calluses on his fingers.  Just being. So perfectly rookie. So young. So resembles Ponch from CHiPs

Hector Sanchez, SF Giants
We caught him playing with the Fresno Grizzlies a few weeks ago. He got on base every at bat, so the kid has a good eye.  

But my baseball playing kid? His eye only took notice of only one thing that was most important to him–the New Balance cleats. That's what my boy wears. And any pro that uses NB cleats scores high points for him. Again with the simple things.

Good luck, Poncherello!


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