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crazedparent is a blog with random riffs about parenting and life by me, Charlene Prince Birkeland. You can blame my kids for exposing me to the world of the crazed parent. I started this blog in August 2004, which makes me an old-school blogger. (Though not as old school as the coolios who started before there were blogging platforms.) 

I live in Silicon Valley with my husband, two sons, and lab puppy, Luna (aka Luna Lovegood, Lunabell, Luna Negra, Looney Luna, Lunalicious, LuLu and Damn Dog). I’m a Bay Area native and I graduated from UC Berkeley. (Go Bears!)

I love cooking, coffee, crafty stuff, and baseball (my next dog will be called Posey ). Also? It is my desire to live with my handsome husband, adorable sons and crazy dog in a beach house on a Hawaiian island.

I write about all of this and more at crazedparent.


The professional stuff.

I’m an online editor and content creator. I’m currently a senior editor for Yahoo! Shine, a leading lifestyle site for women, where I run Team Mom and cover a neat blend of sports and parenting. Also known as can-it-get-any-better? I joined Yahoo! in 2008 as the parenting editor to help launch the Shine. I wrote about everything from how to be a crafty mama to teen pregnancy, Little League, kids who swear, and well, just about anything related to being modern mom and dad. I also contributed to Shine’s Food, Healthy Living, and Pets channels. 

As Shine’s parenting expert, I regularly appear on television and radio programs and talk shows, including ABC’s View from the Bay,” (now 7Live),  Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius XM, Oprah Radio on Sirius XM  and CNN Radio .

Before becoming a Yahoo!, I was the editor and director of blogger outreach of the online parenting community, Maya’s Mom, which was acquired by BabyCenter. My writing has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, with stories that focus on cool families with creative homes; child-friendly gardens; and introspective essays on parenting. I was one of Disney’s Parenting Team Advisors for Disney Interactive Group’s Family.com, and have written parenting articles for the site. I served as the the editor-in-chief of the women’s work/life balance blog, JobMom, and was a staff writer for two leading parenting-related blog networks.

My writing also has appeared in Forbes, HallMark Magazine, on NBC News and AOL and on Dateline NBC. crazedparent has been featured as one of the best parenting blogs on the Web in Blogosphere: Best of Blogs. It was highlighted in 7×7 San Franciso’s Cyper Patrol column.

Check out my work at Shine but sadly, you can’t watch many of my television appearances since Yahoo! Video changed its format. (But if you’re a Rick Springfield fan, you’ll want to see this outtake, where I turn into a 15-year-old, swooning, lovelorn girl.)

Want to read more of my writing? 

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Contact me at charlene AT crazedparent DOT org. Please note that I do not do product reviews. I write about what I use, what I love, and things that bug.

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