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Get Crafty: Valentine’s Day “cards” for school…

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My oldest son just learned about the Ten Commandments so I am forbidden from using the phrase "sweet Jesus" in our household (for the time being). But right now I really want to say it in bold font and capital letters because Valentine's Day is less than a week away and we have done NOTHING to prepare for the boys' class parties.

Deep breath. 

Usually we are locked and loaded with the core components of the projects but this year, we're only locked and loaded on the actual ideas. Nol will be cooking up a chocolate candy and Q. is vacillating between giving away a matchbox car with each valentine (to help rid us of his collection) or making candy corn, a la last year. 

But if you are looking DIY Valentine's Day cards and crafts for your kids to create, I thought it might help to share what we've done over the past few years:

Homemade Marshmallow Valentines (part two here for packaging ideas)

Candy Corn (recipe here)

Preschool Heart Cards

Heart Crayons (part two for packaging)

Shortbread hearts

Okay. Officially inspired and ready to get to work with Q. and let Nol loose in the kitchen!



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