Test kitchen...

Dispatch from the test kitchen: Sesame beef over steamed rice…

Dispatch from the Test Kitchen: Sesame Beef

The December issue of Everyday Food is my favorite one of 2010. I've made nearly every recipe included in its weekly planning menu. But the Sesame Beef has won the hearts of my boys, big and small.

I've tired this recipe two ways and both times I substituted different cuts of meat and slightly tweaked a few ingredients.

The recipe calls for using thin slices of NY strip steak. I had trouble finding this cut for some reason so I went with thinly slicing flank steak. It workd perfectly. I also used organic, grass-fed fajita strips that i purchased at our local farmers' market. Now that was out of sight, so tender and flavorful.

Other tweaks: I used apple cider vinegar instead of cooking sherry, which I don't typically have in the cupboard. I also substituted a teaspoon of flour in place of 1/2 teaspon startch, which the kids had used up as part of a craft experient.

On the veggie tip, I've tried this recipe with bell pepers and I've tried it with fresh green beans and we prefer the latter. Next time I may add cashews or water chesnuts. And I'll double the entire recipe so we have more leftovers.

I serve the sesame beef with steamed rice, which I prepare first. When the rice is done, I start frying the beef in a cast iron skillet. Lune Lovegood trolls the area, unable to resist the aroma of fresh beef.

I'll be keeping this recipe in our regular dinner menu rotation because it's healthy, quick to make and delicious.

Also? I love the compliments my little boys give me while they are eating dinner. (From Q: "Mom, you should have your own restaurant." And the ultimate props from from Eight: "Can you put this in a thermos so I can bring it for lunch tomorrow at school?")




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