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Things I love: A perfect zester…

Things I love: A perfect zesting tool.

The casa crazedparent limoncello factory is in full swing. We've received many requests from family and friends to refill the bottles we gave them at Christmas time. Since our lemon trees continue to be bountiful, we said YES! Plus, our personal stash is out. Heh.

When I first made limoncello last year, I used a thin microplaner to zest the lemons. It was easy enough to get the zest from 15 lemons. But could it be any easier?

Um, yes.

I picked up a Zyliss zester for eight bucks last week at Sur La Table. Eight was taking a cooking class and that entitled me to a 10 percent discount. (I went a little crazy. The store was having an amazing sale and I looooove cooking supplies.)

The zester is sheer perfection. I couldn't believe how fast I was able to fill a bowl with consistently gorgeous, thin, fragrant ringlets of zest.

Limoncello in the process...

It's almost time to add simple syrup. And then we'll let it sit. And sit. And sit.



4 thoughts on “Things I love: A perfect zester…

  1. Abi — I bet that is going to be some seriously good stuff. A year?! Very rich.
    Ted – I added the simple syrup after 10 days of steeping the lemon/vodka mix. I’ll wait about a month before it’s ready. Although I think you’re supposed to let it sit for 50 days post syrup?
    We may have to have some sort of homemade limoncello soiree.

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