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Traveling Crazed, Baseball Edition: A road trip to Sacramento for the Rivercats and Raley Field

National Anthem time.

We dig road trips. But road trips that involve baseball? Extra bonus points for all.

Last summer we visited Sacramento to watch the Fresno Grizzlies take on the Sacramento Rivercats.

The high point of our weekend was when Nol and I got meet  . It's okay, you can join the bandwagon of loving him now since he's proved himself worthy but we were early adopters.

Mostly, we all enjoyed a sweet family getaway. One we'll be replicating in a few weeks time.

If you live in Northern California and want to catch some fun minor league baseball, Raley Field in Sacramento is tops when it comes to MiLB stadiums. Every spot at Raley Field has a good view. The sunsets are gorgeous. And if you bring young children, the Kid's Corner will become your best friend. My 5-year-old son can manage to get through three innings before he
needs to get his wiggles out. The Kid's Corner is full of activities and a two favorites are the bounce house and an enormous slide.  Toddlers can chill out in a sandbox and bigger kids can test their mad baseball skillz with some throwing games. You do have to pay for the games but otherwise, it's just about perfect. Especially because after a visit to the corner, you're kids will likely be able to sit for another few innings.

And when you can sit for a few innings? You can have margaritas delivered to you at your seat.

We like to sit close to the field and if we're lucky, right next to the dugout. Besides offering a bounty of photo ops, I love listening to the chatter amongst the players and watching their quirky routines and superstitious habits. That and the pop of the ball when it hits the catcher's glove. I bought our tickets through the main ticket office and only a few days before the game and fantastic seats were still available. (I'm a fan of the "Gold Rush" section…).

You also have to love the general cornball moments that only minor league ball can bring. Like public love letters.

Love letter in public.

Side story: I have a soft spot for Raley Field. When the hubs and I watched a game there in 2001 — the Rivercats versus the Oklahoma Redhawks (Texas Rangers Triple-A team) — we sat right next to first base. I was pregnant with Nol. Only the first baseman at the time (who now plays major league ball with the Rays) did not see my baby bump. And he coyly gave me flirty eyes the entire game. It was so sweet and almost unbelievable that my heart still melts a little when I remember that night.

Next up, where to stay and places to visit…


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