Dispatch from the test kitchen: Homemade marshmallows for Valentine’s Day, part two

Homemade marshmallows, part two

The Valentine's day treats have been sent off to the boys' respective schools and my, oh, my, do I have to excited little guys who cannot wait to hand them out. Because they made them.

Eight finished off the packaging of his homemade marshmallows. He coated each large square with powdered sugar and dropped it into a cute plastic Valentine-decorated baggie (purchased at Michael's).
Homemade marshmallows, part twoHe created his own tag (he left the "to" area blank so he could fill that in later), which I photographed and printed onto sticker paper that I found at Staples. The sticker sheets were then attached to boy-ish colored paper ("Not girly, Mom!"), cut out, hold-punched, and attached to each baggie. (Forgot to take a photo of this, but it looked so cute!)

Homemade marshmallows, part two

Sure, it took more time than addressing pre-made cards but you know what? Who cares. I love that the boys wanted to make something special (and I haven't even covered Q's project!) for their classmates.

Even if you don't dig Valentine's Day, it's hard not to smile and enjoy the energy and excitement of kids with big hearts.

More photos here.


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